As we jump into Spring, we would like to give you an update on the Green Lantern Lunch Program weekend food supply deliveries.

After school began ​back ​in September and kids were ​beginning to ​receive breakfast and lunch at school, we asked families, through the school district, to sign up for weekend food deliveries if they were interested. The numbers came in and continued to grow​ each week​, reaching ​to the current number of ​227​​ kids. ​Every Friday morning the crew ​​arrives at the ​packing ​garage and begins to assemble the ​227+ ​sacks of food. By noon, the three routes are set to go out to the families. Two routes deliver on Friday and one on Saturday.

Since we​ began,​ in the last week of September​,​ we have ​delivered ​5,085 sacks of weekend food ​supplies ​to the families involved.

The program has created a lot of interest in the local community and the families receiving the food items are very pleased to have something to help stretch out their meager food budgets. ​As w​e continue to look for donations​, our​ hope ​is ​for people to commit to monthly donations that we can rely on to help provide the food necessary for the program. We are looking forward to Spring with a renewed spirit and more volunteers to help out.

Thank you for following us on this amazing community driven journey. The difference we are making is tremendous and greatly appreciated by everyone.

Green Lantern Lunches